Gazette du Val d'Oise 3 Oct 18
La Gazette du Val d’Oise 3 octobre 2018

Musique, paroles, interprétation, tout est magnifiquement poétique et joyeux dans ce projet.

D. Burger

La soprano française livre une prestation de premier plan, forte d’une voix ductile, mais aussi d’une grâce scénique confondante.

(Opera Magazine, mars 2017)

Elodie Kimmel and band’s night slow burned into nascence, gently seducing into her silken spider’s web of musical magic interpretation. The often playful , yet unmistakably authoritative support , a double bass cajoling , plucking and wooing of this imposing quietly authoritative wood and stringed ‘mistress’ did not go unnoticed as also the well-honed tickling of the keyboards
As her voice warmed up, it came into its own gaining energy, authority, confidence and presence, sometimes caressing seductively Mona Lisa like, sometimes flirtatiously but always empathetically and sympathetically. From French and English standards to some of her own compositions, she held sway over the audience synching effortlessly with keyboardist and bassist alike seguing into their own side solos as appropriate. As the night shadows grew longer one had the feeling of being transported sensuously somewhere on the Left Bank of Paris, in some “gemuetlich” ‘cave’ and not at all in deepest South London

  A.Anthony FERNANDES, Live in Tia Maria – London
La Gazette du Val d’Oise, 8 mars 2018

Toute menue, toute gracieuse, Elodie remplit l’espace avec une présence et une voix sublimes.

R. Spagnoli